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Coupler Metrology
Rosenberger provides directional coupler-based measurement techniques as well as probes for comprehensive  cross-domain  coupling analysis.

Nowadays, the introduction of new accessories within vehicles, like rear seat infotainment, smart dashboards, and various advanced driver assistance systems, has increased the demand for high-speed automotive bus systems working in parallel with the high-voltage power networks in electric cars.
In order to support automotive system integration, Rosenberger provides directional coupler-based measurement techniques as well as probes for comprehensive cross-domain coupling analysis.
  • Separation of uplink and downlink signals on automotive one pair Ethernet
  • Detection of common mode interferences on unshielded differential wires


HV HPK-Coupler
HV / HPK-Coupler
The newly developed HPK Measurement Coupler from Rosenberger enables a minimally  invasive testing method in order to measure reliable RF voltages and currents.


  • Broadband measurement of voltage and current on high-voltage cables in vehicles including transients and harmonics
  • Identification of possible sources of radiated emissions
  • Determination of complex source or load impedances at a predefined reference planen
  • On-board EMC measurements during test drives
  • EMC measurements possible on battery lines, motor lines and power lines for miscellaneous components.
RCTD - Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain-Software
Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain Software
Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain Software (RCTD) was developed to enhance EMC-related, high-voltage measurement capabilities.
  • Novel calibration and post processing software for time domain measurements by the use of a directional coupler
  • Minimal inversive measurements of voltages and currents due to the use of directional couplers